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I would like a layout incorporating the background found here:

If possible, I'd like to have an inline frame box-thing (example: sinfullythin) in the corner, overlapping the picture somewhat. If that sounds too complicated, I have a picture I can send you which gives you a good idea (it doesn't seem to wanna load onto photobucket right now). In the event that you cannot pull off that specific structure, I am certainly willing to change my mind and will be open to your suggestions and advice. My main priority is the background, as I am interested in developing a theme centred around it.

Puh-lease help. I'm not too familiar with this kind of this and I would appreciate simply having someone to talk to about this who is willing to listen and offer input. I will supply you with specific colours if you decide to take ont the challenge. My AIM is fenthwick and you may add me to MSN via skaskaska20@hotmail.com if you prefer it. In fact, I would really like to IM at some point rather than just use the comment system to make things simpler.

I've been wanting to improve my journal for a long time but most communities have alot of red tape, are exceedingly impersonal, etc. Even if you cannot help, pointing me to someone who can would be much appreciated. You will be credited, of course, and loved forever and ever.

[[EDIT]]: I would like the title to go in the same location as it is in the user mentioned in the above example (subtley palced inside the box).Tentatively I want the title to be "Lacus Somniorum", for the comments to read "(2) Have become gods| Do you like gold?", the Friends link to be "The Gilded Ones", the Calendar to be "The Trail We've Blazed", and for Entries to be "Wonders of the New World". If those seem to long, please tell me and I can change them. Also, please note that these are *tentative* customizations. I would appreciate it if you would contact me (eiher thorugh IM or commenting on my journal) to make sure and stuff. Thank 'ee a million times.

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