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x__anonymous's Journal

Anonymous Layouts
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This is a Layout Request community. People can request layouts and other people make them for them. It's also a place where people can ask if someone rates their layout or ask them for tips.


  • Don't get mad if no one wants to make the layout. The layoutmakers are busy, and it's ice of them, and not their duty to make one for you.
  • Don't post the same request immediately again whe no one responds. Wait a while.
  • Just be nice.

In your post, write:

  • How do you want the layout. Preferences, where do you want images.
  • Show image(s) you want in it (behind a LJ-CUT) or give an url, not nessecarily if you don't have images, but handy :D.
  • Some way to contact you to get more information. Email, username in a chatprogram, something like that.

When you join as a layout-maker, don't feel pressured to make every requested layout. Just do your best when you have time =].

The Layout Makers: